Hello ! I’m Natasha, I live in South France with my two kids and my man Jean, I’m passionate about mostly everything related to yarn.

I started my first company Artemis yarns in 2016, but very fast I felt the urge to try my hand at plant dyed yarns ! 

I wanted to create something different, to really separate both universes, maybe my inner Gemini is showing but I really can’t choose between those two brands. 

Ivy Fiber Co. is focused on non superwash yarns, wool blend that are untreated, natural, ethically sourced, locally sourced if I can, otherwise from Europe and South America (especially for llama, or suri alpaca). Meadow for instance is my favorite base, it is a blend of Mérinos d’Arles from France, and portuguese merino, spin and processed in France and dyed with plant by me. 

If you want to know more about what I’m up to check my Instagram @ivyfiberco

Natasha :)